Partnership with Friends in Kenya

Friends missionary work in Kenya began in 1902. Since that time, Kenyan Friends have grown to include about 2,000 churches and nearly as many schools. It is time for our mindset to change about the Friends Church in Kenya, from being a “mission field” to a “missionary sending” church. In February 2016 five Friends from Indiana Yearly Meeting, including Pastor Keith, travelled to Kenya to find new ways to partner with Kenyan Friends to help them do their part in fulfilling the Great Commission. We visited several ministries and churches, heard their stories and learned of their vision. John Muhanji, director of the African Ministries Office, was our able guide, translator and driver. Nearing the end of our time there, we set aside a whole day to spend with John, discussing and seeking together God’s direction on our strategy moving forward. We saw and heard the passion in his heart to reach those who have not yet heard the gospel, and learned of his deep desire to see Friends in Kenya reach beyond its borders to minister in Tanzania, Uganda, East Congo, and South Sudan. God was faithful and we came away with some clear “first steps” we can take in a new partnership with Kenyan Friends to reach Africa for Christ. Very briefly, these steps include the following…

 A scholarship program, partnering with Friends Theological College in Kaimosi, Kenya which will enable the college to train those called to missionary and pastoral service.
 A “seeds” program involving farming as a way to provide funds for capital improvement and deferred maintenance at Friends Theological College.
 A “business and ministry” training program in Turkana whereby pastors can receive a motorbike along with business/ministry skills enabling them to use the bike to sustain their ministry and reach outlying communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Places we visited…

Friends Theological College
Kaptama Friends Church
Kaptama Friends Clinic
Lugulu Friends Hospital
The Seeds Project – Francis Makete, director
Turkana Friends Mission – John Moru, director
 Katapokori Friends Church
 Nekwei Friends Church
 Lokoyo Friends Church
Chavakali Yearly Meeting
 Ivona Friends Church
Rift Valley Academy (no pictures)
Moffat Bible College (no pictures)

Friends-Theological-College     FTC
Visiting Friends Theological College
Girls walking to school
IvonaFriends2     IvonaFriendsChurch
Ivonna Friends Church
John Mujanji- Director of the African Ministries Office
KaptamaClinic    KaptamaClinic2 KaptamaClinic3    KaptamaClinic4
Kaptama Clinic
Kaptama Friends Church
Lugulu      Lugulu2 Lugulu3     Lugulu4 Lugulu5
Friends Lugulu Mission Hospital
Motorbike-taxis    Street-venders
Motorbike Taxis and Street Vendors
Seeds-MaxSmith-FrancisMakete     Seeds2 Seeds4     SeedsPlanningSession
The Seeds Project
Strategy Session
Turkana2     Turkana3 Turkana4     Turkana1Turkana5     Turkana6
Turkana-JohnMoru     Turkana-KatapakoriFriendsChurch
John Moru and the Katapakori Friends Church in Turkana
Turkana-LokoyoFriendsChurch     Turkana-LokoyoFriendsChurch2
Lokoyo Friends Church in Turkana
TurkanaMissionBoard     TurkanaMissionDirector-JohnMoru
Turkana Missions Board and Director John Moru
TurkanaMissionOffice    Turkana-PastorSimon
Turkana Missions Office and Pastor Simon
Nekwei Friends Church in Turkana