Many of us now own and use the most amazing technology of today.  However, the use of this technology can be addicting, annoying, dangerous, and even anti-social.  So how can Social Media become Anti-Social?  By being self absorbed into the reality of reading about life rather than living it.  We claim that these devices let us know more about people around us, that we can know more about a person than by talking.  The reality is that they can drive us away from people, that sometimes there really is too much information.  The worst part is that we compete with knowing more that everyone.  We have to rush and try to know that next thing before anyone else.  We even believe this makes us smarter.

The problem is that having a true friend is knowing and sharing the reality of life and learning about that person from that person directly.  Simply knowing something about a person that everyone else knows isn’t really knowing that person.  Trust is the issue.  By knowing someone you are privileged with information that only you and them know about.  This is real human interaction.  Trusting that you have friends that like some things and don’t publicly let the whole world know.

Watch this video to learn just one example of how a supposed socially connected person learns how to become a true friend!