Schedule an Appointment with Steve Baldwin


steve-social-picMy name is Steve Baldwin and I am the Farmland Friends Church Media Admin that you will be having your Wedding Consultation with.  I look forward to helping you with any questions and am committed to doing my best to ensure your wedding becomes one of the most memorable events in your life.

If by chance another appointment takes longer than expected, I will call and discuss with you whether to have you continue to wait for me to arrive or re-schedule.

We will be discussing who will be volunteering to help with your wedding, how the process for the audio works for your wedding, and other options such as video taping your wedding.

What to bring

Please bring anything you know about what you want in your wedding.  If you already know what music you want, bring it or a list of it.  Be sure to write down any questions you want to ask during our appointment.  Bring a plan that lists the order of how you want things to happen during the wedding.  Other than that, let’s just have a great time discussing and planning your wedding.  Also, bring as many people as you want!

How to Schedule an Appointment

By clicking the “Check Availability” button below, you will be taken to a live look at dates and times that are available for you to schedule an appointment.  Please make sure you include a phone number so I can call if I am running late.  My primary business outside of church is a computer repair business called PerfectPC Services, so that is why you will see that on the next screen.  Pick a time and date and it will schedule a 3 hour time slot for us.  That doesn’t mean it will take that long, but I ask for you to be available for that amount of time to allow if I am running late getting there and time for me to get to the next appointment.