Food Pantry Ministry

The Farmland Friends Food Pantry Ministry is a faith based food pantry.  Our vision for this ministry is to bring relief to those in food_pantry1need, and to also be a place of refuge where people can build a relationship and share their lives.  As we look at the growing need in our community, we are compelled to be a light of hope in that time of need.

As a food ministry, we work through Second Harvest of East Central Indiana, receive government subsidized commodities, and accept donations on the local level.   We are completely client choice.  (meaning the client chooses the items that they want, according to ministry guidelines)..

Our facility is open to the entire community. We do not ask for proof of income. We do however, only serve Randolph County residents at this time.  If you are a Randolph County resident, our food ministry doors are open to you on a weekly basis.  Our  community dinner, cooking, and nutritional classes are open to any one in the community, not just Randolph County.

We look forward to meeting you and getting to know you!