AV Team Training

The following is a list of training videos put together for out leaders and volunteers.
All videos are password protected to comply with copyright.
Ask the AV Ministry Leader for the password.

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AV Team Training Videos from 10/25/14

How Do I Stop Feedback?
How Do I Run An Effective Sound Check?
Sound Engineer Training Tips

2012 Worship Team Training
After viewing the video, be sure to send and email to us
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(and yes we can tell if you only watch part of it 😉 )

Soundboard Advanced Training

Sound Check Training

Media Shout Training Intro

Media Shout Basic Training

Media Shout Advanced Training

Camera Operator Training

Introduction of the Canon XL2 Camera– Added 7/9/11

Demo video made with the Canon XL2– Added 7/9/11

Canon XL2 Features Part 1– Added 7/9/11

Canon XL2 Features Part 2– Added 7/9/11

Canon XL2 Features Part 3– Added 7/9/11

Canon XL2 Advanced Training– Added 7/9/11

Intro to VT Edit (Toaster Training) – Added 7/9/11

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